Our Story


Day or night, sunny or grey, enjoy our all-day breakfast service.



We are #BLOOM a small coffee kitchen in Troon, south west Scotland.


We make fresh brewed coffee, homemade cakes and delicious wholefood meals coupled with a wee drink here and there!


We believe in quality and the importance of live simple to live happy… which is as a coffee house translates to homemade tasty food that is sourced supporting as much local as possible!

You won’t eat a product in our coffee house that has a list of 100’s of ingredients that you don’t know where they are from or what they are. Wholefood, tasty and no silly stuff. Its just common sense in our mind.

Our wee shop has up cycled, re-purposed and recycled wherever possible; from our handmade tables utilising used scaffold planks to our decomposable naplkins. We recognise our part in the wider environment.